Lynn Heidinger



Lynn started training in 1968 with a Wire Fox Terrier that earned an unprecedented UD, her next two dogs were German Shepherds which earned a CDX and a UD. Lynn has earned 7 OTCH Titles, one on a Shetland Sheepdog, and the other six OTCH’s were on Golden Retrievers, Coaster, Chemo, Toasty, Scanner, Bouncer & Tapper.

Lynn had the Honor to win the ‘First American Kennel Club National Obedience Championship’ in 1995 with OTCH Meadowpond’s High on Chemo UDX (6th Highest Rated Golden Retriever in Obedience History) and to win it again in 1999 and 2000 with OTCH Sunfire’s Toast of the Town UDX (The Highest Rated Golden Retriever EVER in Obedience History to date).

In 2001 Toasty won the ‘Obedience Dog Of The Year’ Award being the top Obedience Dog in the county.

In 2016, 2017 & 2019 Tapper had the honor to win ‘Dog Of The Year’ awards.

Chemo still holds the record for being the youngest Golden Retriever to obtain an OTCH, he was 23 ½ months old.

As of November, 2022 Lynn has earned 757 High In Trial’s, over 866 High Combined Awards, 28  Perfect “200” Scores and 24,836 OTCH points.

To date, Lynn is the only person to have three dogs ranked in the AKC Top Ten All Breed Lifetime Obedience points.

Lynn brings her extensive experience and knowledge to her classes where her students benefit from her expertise and guidance. She encourages novice students to set and attain their goals and mentors experienced exhibitors who are honing their competitive skills.


Dianne Allen

I showed my first dog over 49 years ago.  I  hit the Conformation ring first with a German Shepherd Dog, but then found Obedience and my passion for it has continued to grow over the years.  

In the early 80’s I switched to Belgian Tervuren and had my first Obedience Trial Champion and my first Breed Champion.

More Tervurens followed and so far there have been 1 BIS,  9 BISS’s,  5 OTCH’s, 6 MACH’s,  7 CH’s,  2 GCH’s 1  TDX and numerous Obedience, Herding  and Rally titles.

Each of my Tervuren have achieved titles in multiple venues and as they say   –  “Variety is the spice of life”.

My primary passion continues to be Obedience and in 1989 I applied for my AKC Obedience Judging License.  I thoroughly enjoy both sides of the clipboard and plan to continue showing and judging for years to come. 

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Francis Field Dog Obedience School Dog Bite Policy

Francis Field Dog Obedience School has the right to ban from training at the school any dog that has attempted to attack any person or dog or has demonstrated incidents of unprovoked aggression in any training or trialing environment.  It is the instructors’ responsibility to ensure a safe training environment for everyone at all times and the instructor has the absolute discretion to deny any dog participation in class based on a history of aggression. We maintain a strict policy that any dog with a bite history cannot train at the school.